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The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) gives young people a voice through education, debate and by raising their awareness about worldwide issues.

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Twenty seven debaters from four cities in Macedonia will...
29 Jan 2015
The Hague University of Applied Sciences. January 20. Class...
28 Jan 2015
Debate technology and forum theatre – effective tools...
26 Jan 2015
Delta LLoyd will start supporting IDEA NL's new ...
23 Jan 2015

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Preparations are now being made for the London Debate...
21 Jan 2015
In search of young people’s perception of the Velvet...
13 Jan 2015
The NGO "New Vision" would like to invite you to...
13 Jan 2015
The Féderation Francophone de Débate invites you to its...
12 Dec 2014

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[Radio debate] "Macedonia -- impulse of multi-ethnicity in the region"
4:10 pm - 30 Jan 15
Today's debate: This House Believes that religion does more harm than good.
12:05 pm - 30 Jan 15
Facing arguments, Debate in the Neighborhood final event for 40 youth Roma from Macedonia. @ Hotel…
9:38 am - 30 Jan 15
Roma youth from Macedonia practicing public speaking during final event of Debate in the Neighborhood.…
9:27 am - 30 Jan 15
Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge 2013-2014: Rethinking Drugs
4:05 pm - 29 Jan 15